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Friday, February 5, 2010

My Soul Needs a Home

My soul needs a home
it wanders without direction
it floats without a rutter.
Only adrift,
moving with each gust of wind,
back and forth, any which way.
No one taking command, no one at the helm.
Loneliness and hopelessness are the only ones that steer it.

My soul needs to feel at peace.
The cry for safety and comfort echo
As the cold, salty tear drops flow out.
My voice box aches from strain,
as the silent screams reverberate.
Hoping, but never finding the way
I keep looking for the light that may illuminate the road to peace.
Yet, negativity and confusion darkens my path.

My soul longs for unconditional love.
Where is it? Who is it? And how is it found?
So many questions, but no one to answer them.
My doubts and fears do not fade,
they only accumulate, creating a dense cloud.
When and how will I know the positive path to peace?
Isolation and naivety drowns me.

My soul longs for forgiveness
Please Lord, cleanse me of my dark and gloomy past.
Although, I am undeserving of good and honest love,
Please, give me another chance to prove myself to You.
Bless me from up above
May the Holy Spirit enter my decomposed soul
so, I may live, breathe and funnel the majestic energy.
I will spread and transfer this blessing to others.
Aliveness and joy will emanate from my entire being.
by Monica Ibarra-Robbins