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Friday, April 16, 2010

Art Therapy

Art” is always being used in form of pleasure, expression and communication. It always played with human psychology in order to communicate, entertain, express and satisfy. Art is as useful for a common person as for an artist in creativity.
Art therapy is psychological related term that uses art media as its primary mode of communication. According to the American Art Therapy Association, art therapy is based on the belief that the creative process of art is both healing and life-enhancing.. It is useful for any age person who may find himself over-whelmed by the intensity of his emotions which is difficult to face either for him self or with other. It gives an opportunity to explore these painful or intensive thoughts and feelings in a supportive environment. Art therapy can be individual activity but is often used very successfully in group situation such as in art studios and in workshops that focus on creativity development. Art therapists work with children, adolescents, and adults and provide services to individuals, couples, families, groups, and communities.
    It involves wide variety of art materials like paints, clay, chalks, markers, batik and many more. Art therapy is very useful for hyper active children, stressed and over worked people in order to give confidence, relaxation and enhance cognitive ability. In this therapy person has to use art material in order to express him self. There is no special art skill require for the person only his reaction is important for expression. By applying oil and acrylic paints with finger person can easily release its tension. By using clay, markers, chalks and other medium of art person’s personality usually judged by the art therapist.
This therapy is not only useful for adults and old people in order to increase cognitive abilities, better relationships with family and friends, able to enjoy the life-affirming pleasures of the creative experience but especially for aggressive children for their better development.

                                                                                                      Sehrish chauhdary
                                                                                                  Artist and an art teacher.

Friday, February 5, 2010

My Soul Needs a Home

My soul needs a home
it wanders without direction
it floats without a rutter.
Only adrift,
moving with each gust of wind,
back and forth, any which way.
No one taking command, no one at the helm.
Loneliness and hopelessness are the only ones that steer it.

My soul needs to feel at peace.
The cry for safety and comfort echo
As the cold, salty tear drops flow out.
My voice box aches from strain,
as the silent screams reverberate.
Hoping, but never finding the way
I keep looking for the light that may illuminate the road to peace.
Yet, negativity and confusion darkens my path.

My soul longs for unconditional love.
Where is it? Who is it? And how is it found?
So many questions, but no one to answer them.
My doubts and fears do not fade,
they only accumulate, creating a dense cloud.
When and how will I know the positive path to peace?
Isolation and naivety drowns me.

My soul longs for forgiveness
Please Lord, cleanse me of my dark and gloomy past.
Although, I am undeserving of good and honest love,
Please, give me another chance to prove myself to You.
Bless me from up above
May the Holy Spirit enter my decomposed soul
so, I may live, breathe and funnel the majestic energy.
I will spread and transfer this blessing to others.
Aliveness and joy will emanate from my entire being.
by Monica Ibarra-Robbins

Monday, January 11, 2010

This lifetime I have learned that rebellions, do not get anywhere. To be rebellious creates negative energy; it is action without thought, which usually results in getting oneself into trouble.
Instead of turning my back on my parents, going at life with blinders on my eyes and spikes on my body – I could have opened my heart and my mouth to communicate with them. Accepting and trying to understand where they were, rather than being a self- centered teenager.
*** I wanted to be understood, yet did not want to understand them. My lesson is to understand them. My lesson is to have my heart and eyes open to whom I am around- be open to the person and the situation. Each person has a different background, culture, views and opinions. **My mission is to understand them and then I can better be understood. We all affect each other, so I need to work with people, not against them.
By Monica Ibarra-Robbins

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

WHat I learned over the life times

What I have learned over the life times= is laughter and a sense of humor can break any walls/mask that people may put up. If we take people and situations too seriously, it only causes stress, and pushes us further from the chance to connect with one another. The light heartedness takes us back to the naïve child, the one who merely wants to have a good time with anyone. The laughter reconnects our fragile/frayed threads that long to bond together as humans who seek the touch.
By breaking down the solid, cold walls of attitude, judgment or isolation. It allows to admit to the reality-We are all the same…all human beings.

Monica Ibarra-Robbins