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Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Art World

My goals and dreams are to be submersed in the art world. I love everything there is about art from the paintbrush to the canvas. I want to wake up in the morning to the  smell of paints and to see my canvas in progress. I want to paint in a well lit room filled with the warm sunshine and a view of the beach. I want to be engulfed by all the art books, images and art supplies.
I want to be excited when I wake up-thinking of which color or brush stroke I will use next. I want to be excited of what emotions will surface as I am creating-and embrace the feelings.  I want to sit quietly and calmly on my art stool and wait for the art inspiration to warm over me. I want to sit in the silence and be okay, knowing that I am safe within the four colorful walls. I want to feel the smooth wooden brush in my hands, the tool that glides silky paint onto the rough canvas.
I want to wake up knowing that what I am doing is helping another person. I want to be confident that my creation will affect another viewer. I want to trust that each selected color, each selected line or image is channeled from up above and is in turn a gift to others.
I want to know that I am fulfilling the mission that God entrusted to me. I want to acknowledge that I am using each minute as a time to be in life. I want to know that I am using God's gifts and I am viewing them as precious jewels. I want to know that I am being of service to the world.

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